{projects diversified}

Kelly Solar is our explorative foray into solar energy systems, heat engines, and the emerging Hydrogen Economy.
Exclusive "Fogbank Hosting" cloud based hosted SaaS platform offering unparalleled solutions for businesses.
Hurricane Central is a resource for emergency relief and communicatons during hurricane disasters.
Contract professional services for web application development: SaaS, CMS, CRM, e-commerce, social media.
Geomni Universe is a knowledgebase for researchers, application developers, educators, and students alike.

{next generation research diversified}

      Kelly Diversified offers a wide range of engineering, research, and professional services catering to individuals, entrepreneurs, and small-to-mid sized businesses. Accordingly, we are available for a variety of contract development work in different capacities ranging from data mining and analysis to new engineering work.

A number of our research projects are translated into commercial or community services, with an emphasis on our core competencies in software and the web, technology and integration, business problems and solutions, resources for educators and students, and mass communications.

Come on in, have a look around, and let's find out how we can help make your vision a reality.

{recent developments}

2013, August 15 Hurricane Central is now pulling live data feeds for storm activity in the Eastern Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. We will continue building out a variety of interactive/communication features for this platform to become as useful a tool as possible for people affected by these severe weather conditions.

2013, July 1 We have secured our first Fogbank Hosting "Fog Machine" location, power, and bandwidth in San Jose, CA; Fog Machine 1 is currently being prepared for deployment and activation.

2013, January 5 We have taken occupancy of an industrial space that will be used for R&D and prototype fabrication in Santa Cruz, CA. near U.C. Santa Cruz.

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